Established in 1997, Worldnet Microfinance Limited was established with a singular objective of providing micro financing solution to both employed, self employed and taxi personnel. Fast forward to now, Worldnet Microfinance Limited is copped the premier Micro Financial institution in Jamaica, focusing on providing flexibility loans and products to wide variety of customers. We seek to foster a spirit of professionalism through courteous and efficient customer service. With 17 locations islandwide, our loan offerings are quick, simple and accommodating and with our same day loan process customer can experience a high level of satisfaction.


Loan Categories

Personal Loans (Unsecured)

Worldnet Microfinance Loans are available to both private and public sector employees, with flexible payment plans and the lowest interest rate guaranteed! An unsecured personal loan in Jamaica is disbursed within 24 hours once the applicant has been interviewed and we receive all required documents. Such a loan is repaid through salary deduction or the bank. Now, get approved for no guarantor loans too at our loan company in Jamaica! Below are the products offered for our personal loans.

  • Salary Deduction Loan
  • Standing Order Loan
  • Pay Day Loan

Business Loan

If you’re looking to grow your business then Worldnet Microfinance Business loan is just for you. What are the advantages of Worldnet Microfinance business loan? What makes Worldnet Microfinance Business loan different from all our competitors?

You can use our instant loan for nearly any business need:

  • Assets : Merchandise, tools and equipment, etc.
  • Improvements : General upgrades, expansion, etc
  • Day-to-Day Expenses : Advertising, Transportation, etc

Product Offering for the following category:

  • Microbiz Loan

Secured Loans

Worldnet Microfinance Secured Loans are specially structured to suit our taxi operators, bus owners or just about any of our clients who does not mind using their collaterals such as: Motor Vehicle, Appliances and Furniture, Fixed Deposit, Life Insurance Policy as security for a loan

Below are the products offered for our secured loans:

  • Mini Loan
  • Vehicle Title Loan
  • Vehicle Finance Loan
  • Vehicle Reference Loan
  • PPVMC Upliftment Loan

Why Do People Choose Worldnet Microfinance?

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most phenomenal micro-financing company worldwide, expanding our boundaries in micro lending to enhance the life of all levels of society.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be Jamaica’s premier financial institution at providing reasonable interest rate loans, through our friendly and reliable staff endeavouring always to delight our valuable customers.

Our Values

Buoyed by our mission and vision, we at Worldnet Microfinance endorse and uphold the following values:


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