Why Worldnet Microfinance Limited is the people’s choice for financial solutions?


Affordable Interest Rates

Worldnet Microfinance Limited provides loans with reasonable and affordable interest rates. Worldnet Microfinance Limited aims to make financial services accessible to those with inadequate resources opposed to traditional lenders that may charge higher interest rates for smaller loans.

Flexible and Tailored Loan Products

Worldnet Microfinance Limited offers loans to suit specific needs of borrowers. Individuals have the option to align repayme

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Worldnet Microfinance Limited is the driving force that enables individuals to expand their small businesses. Many borrowers use loans to invest in income-generating activities, such as transport operators, small-scale farming, etc. Our small business loans empower entrepreneurs to improve their livelihoods and ultimately contribute to poverty alleviation.

Loans With Affordable Rates

At Worldnet Microfinance Limited, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to turn their aspirations into reality. Our commitment to financial inclusion drives us to offer loans with rates that are affordable, designed to uplift individuals and by extension communities.

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Loan Products

Personal Loan

Worldnet Microfinance Loans are available to both private and public sector employees, with flexible payment plans and the lowest interest rate guaranteed!

Business Loan

If you’re looking to grow your business then Worldnet Microfinance Business loan is just for you. What are the advantages of Worldnet Microfinance business loan? What makes Worldnet Microfinance Business loan different from all our competitors?

Secured Loan

Worldnet Microfinance Secured Loans are specially structured to suit our taxi operators, bus owners or just about any of our clients who does not mind using their collaterals such as: Motor Vehicle, Appliances and Furniture, Fixed Deposit, Life Insurance Policy as security for a loan

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of personal and business loans tailored to meet different needs. This includes small business loans for entrepreneurs, education loans, vehicle financing, vacation loans, vehicle title loans, medical loans, debt consolidation and delinquency refinancing.

Our interest rates are competitive and affordable. The specific rates may vary based on the type of loan. We prioritize transparency and will provide a clear breakdown of all associated costs.

We understand the urgency of your financial needs and while processing times may vary; our goal is to ensure a speedy and efficient review of your application.

Applying for a microloan is simple. You can navigate to the button labeled “Apply Online” or you can visit any one of our 17 branches Islandwide or WhatsApp 876-440-6050 Now to get started . Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free application experience.



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Worldnet have a loan fi everybaddy!!!