Investment is the habit of the wise!

The habit of saving and investing money is one of the best habits of humans! After all, it’s not your salary or profits that will make you rich, but your practice of saving and investing!

Investment is an asset that is bought or money that is put to profitable work with the hope that it will generate income or give good returns in the future. If you happen to be staying in Jamaica, you must know your investment options well! Here, the financial market provides various investment options for your all kinds of financial needs. 

What is your financial investment plan to grow your money this year?

In the money-making world, don’t get confused in between numerous investment choices, whatever you pick- short or long term investment option, if you select the right one, you must get ready to enjoy real bliss! Also, the long-term investment does not necessarily need to be very long; it can be one year or even six months too.

Among the various options that exist, the selection is usually based on the potential return as well as the risk associated with the decision.
Are you looking for some secure options for making money? Some alternatives to consider are as under:

Fixed Deposits: The most simple and common form of investment, fixed deposits in Jamaica is the one option you must consider. Locally, overall interest rates are at historical lows, but there are still opportunities to be taken benefit of in the fixed-income market that provide stable & consistent returns.
Choose bank deposits any day, as it is one of the best options for investments. The rules for different banks may differ, but fixed deposits will always be a safe option. So, are you ready for getting a considerable amount of money back? For good returns, you can invest in public sector banks!

Repos: Are you considering short-term investment goals for now? If your answer is a yes, then, you must consider repo! Repo is a generic name for repurchase agreements. In a repurchase agreement, you invest a sum of money at a specified interest rate for a specified period, and at the end, you will get back the principal plus interest. Repos are quite similar to a savings account or fixed deposit at commercial banks but often provide the benefit of higher interest rates for tenures of a month, two months, three months, four months, six months, nine months or a year.

Treasury bills: If the short-term investment is on your mind, then, you can also consider Treasury bills (T-bills) issued by the Government. This is also a fixed-income investment. With Treasury bills, one must note that the interest rate is fixed at auctions which are held monthly for the tenure of a month, three months or six months. This will give you the option of bidding for the rate you would like to receive on the instrument, by that means, ‘naming your price’.

Bonds: Are you comfortable with a long-term investment option? Bonds are one of the most popular investment options with longer tenures than repurchase agreements. Bonds are debt instruments which are used to raise capital by companies and governments and are issued with a specified maturity date, a specified interest rate and various terms as mentioned in the prospectus. As with repurchase agreements, interest is paid to you and the money invested is returned at the maturity date. In bonds, gains can be made by an investor at the time of capital appreciation.

Worldnet Investment Co. Ltd. It is one of the leading micro-financing companies in Jamaica providing various loan options. As the global economy is sluggish and equity markets are volatile, the fixed-income instruments look like the best options for investors who are concerned about risk and instability. Make the right choice when you are investing, after all, as Benjamin Franklin has quoted “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

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